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Todd Dominey shuts it down.
This is sad: after five years, What Do I Know?, the weblog of designer extraordinaire Todd Dominey, is closing its virtual doors. What he says is true – the site has been a virtual ghost town for months. Yet still it had a place of pride in my Inspirations folder, the collection of blogs from designers, thinkers and other creators that I would load up every time I was jonesing for a kick to the brain cells. To see it shut down completely is a bigger loss to me than if boing boing were to close. Oh, well – like he says, he's still Twittering, at least. As my own erratic posting here but more semi-consistent Twittering testifies, that seems to be what people do when they don't have time for regular blogging. I still hold out hope that this blog will pick up as I dedicate more time to writing (more on that soon), but we'll see – once April gets rolling, a more formal schedule should hopefully emerge. Hopefully!
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