Geoffrey Long
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Playing the Blues.
Open your eyes as wide as you can,
Make your pupils islands in the middle of moon-white seas,
And count the shades of blue you can discover in your periphery
(Cerulean, turquoise, navy, aquamarine, etc.) --
Be specific, be minute, be exact and precise,
Tick them off on your fingers and toes and follicles,
Rattle them off in your native tongue or in a language politely borrowed,
And consider the mosaic you could create if you could reach out your hands,
Carefully slipping a nail behind each tiny, perfect shade
And prying it loose of its containing world,
Collecting each sample into a tiny velvet drawstring bag,
Jumbling the hues together and mixing them up and rattling them around,
Listening to the shika-shake rhythm of one section of rainbow.
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