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Oh, no.

I don't believe it – Heath Ledger has reportedly committed suicide. I'm stunned. It's possible that this is due to a relationship ending last year, but still... The man had so much going for him.


To clarify -- they're not saying suicide just yet. It may just have been an accidental overdose. I'm not trying to be naive about it, but it's happened.

That said, I am similarly stunned. Right before what was likely to be a breakout performance, a performance that might have pushed him past the interminable "Brokeback Mountain" cracks.

This is true. When I first saw the story, they had already written it up as a suicide in one of the Olsen twins' apartments, but the press has since rescinded both assertions.

For the life of me, I don't know why his death has shaken me the way it has -- I can't seem to get it out of my mind. The guy was a great actor, but aside that the only reason I can think of is the fact that he is (was) about the same age as I am (a little younger). Maybe that's enough.

The dramatist in me keeps replaying a scenario in my head -- that his separation from the mother of his two-year-old daughter last year sent the man into a suicidal depression, and he decided to do The Dark Knight as a major commercial film in order to make sure his daughter would be provided for with the residuals before actually committing the act... I'm not sure if that story is twisted or romantic. Maybe a little of both.

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