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I'm not sick, but I'm not well.

Bonus points to those in the audience who get the lyrical reference in the title to this post, but it sums up my current state of the universe pretty much perfectly. I began coming down with something on Monday, was down flat on Tuesday, was back up on my feet (but exactly one Red Bull down from feeling normal) on Wednesday and now, Thursday morning, I'm somewhere between ugh and enh. There should be a clinical name for the stage of a virus that is, essentially, the hangover.

That said, my transmedia lecture yesterday afternoon went amazingly well – I began with the disclaimer that since I wasn't feeling so hot I was struggling to bring my C game, much less my B game or A game, but once I got into the swing of things I was having a great time, bouncing ideas back and forth with the audience, and Henry showed up at the end of the show so I could deflect some of the questions about fanfic and areas I'm still shaky on over to him. Which was awesome, because as soon as I stepped out from behind the lectern I realized exactly how much energy I'd just spent on giving that talk. Woozy with a vengeance. Still, it's nice to have reaffirmation that yes, teaching and lecturing about this stuff is still very much the way I want to go. Bonus points: I've been invited to be one of the judges for this year's Sony Game Workshop, which is awesome since I myself have been somewhat involved in two of the things now, plus two of Chris Weaver's classes, so I'm tickled pink to be on the other side of the curtain for a change.

In other news, I've been looking around the old site here and contemplating what needs to change in order for it to more accurately reflect my current state of existence. I need somewhere to put my academic work, which I suppose should fall under 'writing', but I'm not 100% positive. I do know that my portfolio is way the heck out of date; I haven't even added the logo designs for C3, CMS, GAMBIT, NML... And the first of those was done in 2005. The CMS website isn't there, nor is the C3 site, the GAMBIT site, the 2007 CMS research fair concept design, the C3 white papers, the C3 HTML email, the GAMBIT promo posters, the 2008 research fair promos, the 2007 C3 Futures of Entertainment design, the 2008 C3 Futures of Entertainment design... And I have buckets of new photos I want to add in, I think, but all this illustrates that I've been spending more time on the corporate side of life and not enough on the actual artistic side. More work! More time! Go, man, go!

Hmm. If I wanted to include an area where people could download my slides from various talks and lectures, where do you folks think I should put that? A new top-level area called 'academia' or 'research' or...?

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