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Uh-oh, part II.

I'm reporting to you live from FuturePlay 2007 in lovely Toronto, Canada. So far I'm happy to report that I consider the trip to have been already worthwhile, due to my getting to hang out a little with Stephen Jacobs, John Lester, Mia Consolvo and Constance Steinkuehler. A good time is being had by all.

So why the questionable post title? I'm continuing to work on my presentation for tomorrow and discovering, in a unique blend of horror and excitement, that I actually have tons to say about the way that transmedia theory (can I call it that?) and negative capability play into the way that interactive narrative is currently developing and informing narrative structures in other environments, such as television. Were I to publish my thesis as a first book (Transmedia Storytelling by Geoffrey Long) then what I'm scribbling away on now could easily be the follow-up (Every Screen a Bonfire: Transmedia Theory and Interactive Narrative by Geoffrey Long). This is both very good and very bad – good because I'm excited I have something to say, and bad because oh crap, how am I going to sum this up in a 15-minute presentation?

Still, life is good. Time to head back downstairs for John Lester's keynote on Second Life. Good times, good times...

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