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We made Boing Boing!

When I was in high school in the middle of nowhere, Ohio, my main connections to the wild, woolly world of cyberart-and-culture were Wired magazine (back in its six-color, $7 an issue heyday) and Cory Doctorow's Boing Boing (or bOING bOING, depending on how old-school you're feeling at the time). Yesterday I got to check another life goal off the list: Doctorow linked to our CMS theses on Boing Boing.

So my current media-related life goals' list currently stands:

  • TV appearance check (from an interview about poetry in high school)!
  • Wired check!
  • {fray} check! (four times over, if you count the Fray Cafe CD, Fray Cafe Austin and Fray Day 7 DC!)
  • Boing Boing check!

Sweet. NPR, I'm gunning for you next...


Woot! Go you, Geoff!

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