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The boy who lived...

I'm writing this on my iPhone while waiting in line with Laura at the Harry Potter release at the Barnes and Noble in Burlington, Massachusetts. We've been here since around 9:30 and there's gotta be about 1500 people here. It's insane! There's a bunch of girls in full garb near us that are singing bizarre Potter-related cheerleader-style songs, a bunch of little kids zooming around on those sneakers with built-in skates, and two high school nerdy guys and a girl dressed kinda like a hoochie mama in line in front of us. A weirdass crowd, but inarguably a crowd, what some people are calling a once-in-a-lifetime book event. I suspect this is what it was like when the new Dickens books came off the docks... And I wonder what the next literary-lineup event will be.

Wow. I wonder of there's an article in this?

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