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AIM statuses I have known.

I'm settling into my new office here on campus, and it's freaking amazing. Now, of course, my mind is turning to optimizing my workflow here in this new environment, and I'm contemplating using AIM as an interoffice communications tool. iChat is surprisingly evolving into a real staple of my day, much faster and friendlier than email, not to mention having the potential to reflect my general state of mind and availability.

That said, I now need to prune down my list of status options that I'd been plunking into iChat while in thesis mode. Rather than just whisk them off to oblivion, I thought I'd share some of them with you.

Available Messages

  • Bang bang, hammer hammer

  • Writing like a mad bastard

  • The Venn diagram of my geekiness is huge.

  • zomg coffee gooooood

  • Storytelling.

  • Miscellaneous


  • get back jojo


  • yay, work time

  • sweating like a stuck pig

  • teh tired

  • I don't like Mondays

Away Messages

  • Clients only, please

  • Artsy-fartsy

  • Car wrestling. Be right back.

  • zomg zzzzzzzzzzz


  • Just playin'.

  • Fearing the crow of the cockadoodletron.

  • Foraging for sustenance

  • Rub-a-dub dub

  • The Jack Bauer Power Hour

  • Henry Jenkins: Seedy Fringe Theorist.

  • Cranky

  • Not cranky!

  • Meeting

  • Rollin' with Clooney

  • Working

  • o god it's morning

  • Mondays need to die

Thesis-Related Away Messages


  • THESIS SCORE: 9,192

  • THESIS SCORE: 9,481

  • THESIS SCORE: 10,161

  • THESIS SCORE: 13,603

  • THESIS SCORE: 17,897

  • THESIS SCORE: 20,979

  • THESIS SCORE: 22,944

  • THESIS SCORE: 23,190

  • THESIS SCORE: 24,302

  • THESIS SCORE: 26,855

  • THESIS SCORE: 28,129

  • THESIS SCORE: 28,172 or 19,789...?


  • Dante must've gone to MIT

  • Birthing Athena.

  • THESIS SCORE: 40,649

  • THESIS SCORE: 44,558


What I love about that list of thesis-related away messages is how it serves as a mile-high diary of the process: plodding away, working in reasonably small increments, and then having the total panic attack of Henry and William's intervention, followed by the abrupt addition of an additional 30% of new content... Heh. I thought I had another one in there to the tune of "Committee tested, thesis approved!", but I suppose it fell by the wayside already.

All right. Back to work-work...

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