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The unexpectedly creepy Doug Jones.

I'm sitting here watching the extras on the 2-disc deluxe edition of Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth, which are even better than I'd expected. The featurettes are really and truly fantastic; one is all about the mythology behind the films, one is about del Toro's color and symbolism, and another is about the special effects of the film. The SFX one is right up there with the extras on the Lord of the Rings extended editions (and one of the SFX guys has the same Hellboy t-shirt that I do, which is cool). One part explains the cheek scene, which is sort of comforting, but the scenes with Doug Jones in the Pale Man and faun costumes are unexpectedly deeply creepy because they're so bloody convincing. Jones is talking to the camera, explaining what all the parts do, but for some reason the disconnect between 'creature' and 'man in suit' is largely oddly absent, so it feels like a giant freaking faun walking around the set, which is somehow even creepier than the scenes in the film. It's bloody brilliant.

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