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THESIS formulas.

Well, this is slightly disturbing. I just did a quick progress check and discovered that the written version of my THESIS took 7,121 words to get through the first 15 slides of my Keynote presentation from two weeks ago. That presentation was fifty-eight slides long. Granted, I've been adding a great deal of content as I go, but if these numbers are correct that means that by the time the smoke clears my thesis will be 27,534 words long. Jefferson Davis and my Aunt Mavis. My rough cut so far is already up to 23,179, and I've still got miles to go. It may be time to either start cutting bits out or swilling more coffee.

Another interesting statistic: my 232-page novel(la) Bones of the Angel clocked in at 59,146 words. That means 254.94 words per page (rounded up), so a 27,534-word THESIS would be 108 pages long. That's not so bad, but I'm concerned that it's going to come in much closer to 150 pages by the end of the day, which is closer to 38,241 words, and would mean I still have over 15,000 words yet to go. Terrifying, and also all too plausible.

Right. About that coffee.

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