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Putting a price on transmedia.

Ever wonder what a good transmedia, or at least cross-media, brand is worth? According to the 2005 piece Star Wars' Galactic Dollars, the pricetag on that little story by George Lucas breaks down as follows:

  • $700M in books and other publishing
  • $1.5B in games
  • $2.8B in home video sales
  • $9B toys (holy crap, no wonder he's worth $3.5B)
  • $6.52B in box office ticket sales

Finish punching all that into your calculator yet? Here, I'll save you the trouble: if these numbers are correct, Star Wars was, in 2005, worth $20.52B, or $20,520,000,000 for those of us who like to see all the zeroes.


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