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This stage of the THESIS-writing process is kind of weird, and significantly less than streamlined. I'm trying hard not to have the document 'fork' too badly; as in software development, forking here is where you have multiple people working on the same document at the same time, which threatens to have the thing develop in two different directions at once. I sent an early draft of Part I to William last week, then a draft of Part II; he sent back his thoughts on Part I, which I duly incorporated, but didn't hear anything back from him on Part II. I handed off a draft of Part I (revised) and Part II (rough) to Henry on Friday morning, then worked like mad on bits of Part III in the afternoon, so I handed that off to Henry as well. Then, over the weekend, I worked on more revisions, so Ivan and I went into campus last night and dropped off new versions of our stuff for Henry to review instead, since Henry hadn't gotten a chance to look at either of our documents yet – that most recent document had revised Parts I & II and a half-revised Part III. Then, today, when I woke up I found an email from William in my inbox with a long list of suggestions and questions about Part II, part of which I probably handled in the revisions and part of which I'm sure I didn't.


Programs, programs, get yer programs – can't tell one THESIS draft from another without a program...

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