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Oh, man.

The last time I posted a 'score' (read: wordcount) about my THESIS, it was up to 28,712. This was before my advisor laid into it. Now, less than a week later, I've sliced out big, huge chunks of text and added in even bigger chunks, grafted in an all-new framework, including six subclasses of hermeneutic codes based on Barthes' S/Z that should prove useful for understanding how we author types drive readers through a narrative and a proposal for a four-question formalist analysis to be applied to any extension in a franchise to evaluate its value to the larger whole. I've also done an almost shot-by-shot reading of both The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, applying those six codes to each one.

The current THESIS score: 40,471. That translates into approximately 160 pages, even after having chopped out great huge parts.

Basically, the feedback that Henry gave me has turned this into a prototype for a doctoral thesis. I am not the least bit certain as to whether or not this is a Good Thing. Maybe I'll know in the morning.


Wow! Go you! May your hard work be rewarded by your Thesis committee and then at some point (if you choose) by a Doctoral Committee!

I wonder if I could just turn in the same document to one of those mail-order PhD places... No?

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