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CMS needs a Ph.D program. Current THESIS score: 17,897 and rising like a rocket, and I've barely scratched the surface of what I want/need to say, much less firmly grounded it in the sociohistorical context of academic media theory. Fark.


I think you are the perfect person to propose the idea, and serve as the first candidate. Why not make your masters thesis your qualifying exam, too?

I bet with some funding and 2 more years, you could be an excellent PhD success story for MIT to boast about!

Unfortunately, I've tried and tried while I'm here but with no luck. Part of the reason I nearly killed myself last year getting new branding materials in place for CMS was to drum up enough attention to the department to get the PhD going. The GAMBIT initiative came through partly due to those efforts, but apparently the PhD still needs some more miracles.

I might stick around here for another year -- they've offered me a possible gig as a researcher in GAMBIT and possibly as a designer for the department in general -- but we'll see. I have no idea what the best career path is for me right now.

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