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Justifying HD-DVD.

I don't think anyone has written extensively yet about the great boon that high-def DVD could be to academic media studies. I'm currently re-(re-re-re-re-re-)watching Labyrinth and trying to make out exactly what it says on the clippings in the notebook in Sarah's room. Not the headlines, mind you, the text. If I had this in HD-DVD, I could probably read those clippings. Oh brave new world...

Aside from that, I'm struggling to not hit the wall here. I'm on the right track, I know it, but uber-close readings of things take a lot of time! I now have nine pages of notes on the possible migratory cues in The Dark Crystal, but creating those notes makes watching the film take about three times as long as normal. Jeez...

Well, "if it tweren't a challenge, it twouldn't be worth nothin', would it"?

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