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If Apple made vacuum cleaners.

Over Spring Break I splurged a little and bought something I've wanted ever since I first lid eyes on it last fall: the Dyson Root 6™ handheld vaccuum cleaner. Definitely the winner of the "you spent what for what?" award in our household recently, but I love this thing. It's not a Dustbuster, it's a weapon – complete with gun-style trigger and sci-fi styling. Hefting this baby in your hands makes you feel like Master Chief gunning for aliens. Ladies, if you want your men to do more cleaning around the house, buy him one of these.

Now, granted, the Root 6 isn't perfect – its suction isn't quite as powerful as I'd expected and the battery ran down a lot faster than I thought on its first use, but still, this thing is pretty dang cool. Plus, anything that helps me keep my studio clean is a big win.

Wow. I think I just took the whole "clean-to-procrastinate" thing to a whole new level.

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