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Great day!

Wow, my first full day back in Boston after break and so far it's shaping up to be a great day. First, I came back to find that my facelift of Henry's weblog has finally gone live, and, perhaps more importantly, people really seem to be digging it, Henry among them:

Over the past few months, I have been working with Geoffrey Long, a CMS Masters Student, to develop a look and feel for the site which preserves the familiarity of the original but gave it a little more polish. I hope you like the results. Long by the way has also been responsible for the redesign of the Comparative Media Studies homepage and for the logos for the Convergence Culture Consortium and is currently finishing up work on the MIT Literature Section home page. He's certainly left his mark as a designer on MIT! And his thesis research which centers on transmedia storytelling, negative capability, and the Jim Henson Company will make his own kind of splash before much longer.

Then today I guest-lectured Henry's class, which was an absolute blast after I actually found the class. I'd discovered way too late this morning that I didn't know where the class actually was, but I found it, hooked up my laptop and gave the first part of my thesis presentation, and then we wound up spending about an hour talking about transmedia concepts, modeling and creation. It was fantastic, and reminded me how much I really do love teaching. Man, I wish CMS had a Ph.D. Maybe sometime in the next couple of years – I really do love teaching this stuff...

Anyway, then I found out my 2 o'clock was cancelled, so I now have a chance to polish up a couple of things here on campus before heading out to a haircut at 5:30. Also, today's Laura's first day working at Pottery Barn, so I'm excited to hear how that goes. All things considered, life is really good right now – onward!


Again, this is some fantastic facelift you did for Henry's blog ;-) Great handiwork.

As for making it to class to guestlecture *clears throat*, I ended up being 40 minutes late for my presentation in Henry's class ('cause I thought it would be on a different date!), so I guess your rushed 5 minutes or so did look rather bleak compared to that feat of mine!

Nice blog, btw ;-) Glad to have found it.

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