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Going for the gold?

After finishing my taxes this afternoon, I was feeling relaxed and positive about life in general, so I swung by the mall near campus to take a stroll. While there, I paused at LensCrafters to look into getting some badly-needed new glasses. After having the same silver frames since 2001, I'm now considering these Brooks Brothers frames in antique gold. What do you guys think? Are they me?


They are nice frames, but it is hard to say without seeing them on you. Nice color though.

They're really nice looking frames. I think antique gold suits you very well (seems intellectual :) ). Any chance you have a picture with you in them?

No photos yet -- I'm planning to drag Laura down to the store with me and get her thoughts on them, and maybe she'll snap a photo while we're there. I am leaning more and more towards these frames, though!

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