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Amazon Prime is a waste of money.

If you're considering ponying up for Amazon Prime, don't. It's a waste of money and a complete rip-off. Early yesterday morning I ordered two textbooks that I needed immediately for my thesis research and ponied up the extra $4.95 a book for Saturday delivery. Today I get an email saying that they shipped today and I'll get them on Monday.

What the hell? If I didn't need them on Saturday, I wouldn't have ordered them for Saturday delivery. has clearly grown to the point where they no longer feel obligated to deliver anything approximating even decent customer service. This is a clear message that they don't need our money. From here on out, I'm using Powell's.


Each time I try to order a copy of Kage Baker's "Gods and Pawns", which is supposedly in stock, it gets moved out of my shopping cart, saying it's not available from that shipper. Huh? Amazon also keeps trying to recommend books that I have actually purchased online FROM THEM. I'd find it amusing, except that I can't order my &^$#@ book!

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