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Links list: 02-15-07.

I can make you one of those lights, if you want. It's really easy.

And the HD onna phone thing? Companies are tossing "HD" onto everything these days, whether they're actually talking about 1080i or not. It's the "dot com" of the post-milennium. My guess: movies that were "originally" in HD are compressed for your phone. My question: who wants to watch a movie on their phone, anyway? I'd hate to squint that hard!

Actually, movies on a phone are extremely cool if you have the right phone. The white paper I wrote for C3 last year talks about how mobile media, when done right, is absolutely a viable form. Watching Stargate in Starbucks is very cool!

I could hack together a light that doesn't move, but simulating the gentle wind is a trick I can't figure out yet. How would you do it?

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