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Jeepers! Creepers!

My old comrade-in-arms David Seitzinger is moving up in the world! He just finished the DAVE School program in Florida, resulting in the short film Creepers, the story of a group of forest critters who are also superheroes. Cool stuff, and as a result he's just landed a gig working for an animation studio in Wisconsin Minnesota (thanks, David, duhhh) on a new show for Nickelodeon! Go Dave!

Man, that's fantastic. Now how in the world can I justify a trip to Milwaukee Minneapolis to visit...?

Update: I'm an idiot and misread David's announcement email; still, one barren wasteland is as good as another, right? (I can hear Kori glaring at me from all the way over here!)


Thanks Geoff!
I'm afraid it's Minneapolis, Minnesota, not Wisconsin. Get your cold, 16 degrees below zero states straight, man!

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