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Transmediating Stargate.

I'm trying to determine whether I can work this into the THESIS or not, but either way this is pretty cool. Fans of the long-running Stargate SG-1 already know that Sci-Fi canned the series last year, which means that this will be the show's 10th and final season. Sad, but 10 years is a hell of a long run – and the show ain't over just yet. Dark Horizons has details of the upcoming non-theatrical films (by which I mean both made-for-TV and straight-to-DVD, although this is clearly an area that needs some clarification) and the Sci-Fi channel's own news site, Sci-Fi Wire, has an interview with Stargate Atlantis star Torri Higginson which suggests at least one SG-1 regular will appear on Atlantis. There's no indication of how regularly the original cast will appear on the spin-off show, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Daniel didn't make the jump full-time. After all, there were insinuations that Daniel's been aching to study the sunken city for pretty much the entire run of the show – and after having left the show once before and returned, Michael Shanks probably knows by now how lucrative a really good recurring role can be. We'll see.

Either way, I'm just happy the original series isn't entirely over. I love the new Doctor Who and all, but my Friday nights just don't feel complete without Stargate and a pizza...


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