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Put some color on?

So Apple just launched new colors for the iPod shuffle – the same palette, mostly, as the iPod nanos. Mostly – for some reason there's an orange shuffle but no orange nano, and (annoyingly) a black nano but no black shuffle. I myself would only be interested in a silver or black shuffle, so if I buy a new one, it'd be the silver one. The question to my mind, though, is why would I want one? After all, not buying a 1GB shuffle is essentially a $79 discount off an iPhone, and an iPhone is an 8GB iPod. True, this is a big step down from my current 60GB iPod video, which is sad, but the addition of the phone is pretty sharp. The question is whether to buy a first iteration iPhone or wait for a while until the dang thing actually has enough capacity to carry around more of my (increasingly growing) video collection...


I'm waiting on the iPhone for a while, partially because I know Apple's history of second generation fixing so many of the annoying little quirks in things, and partially because I can't quite justify purchasing one yet. Also, Cingular's coverage SUCKS in New Orleans, so I'm still holding out hope that by the time I get one I can stay on Verizon. (Hey, a girl can dream!)

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