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IPTV and Apple TV.

I am curious as to why there haven't been more fictional narratives told in the form of video podcasts and iTunes. I'm uninterested in fictional narratives told as weblog entries, and am much more interested in the use of podcasts for delivery of independent serialized stories. The release of the Apple TV device is intriguing because it means that there is now a clear-cut path from the Web to the television in a living room. Aside from the (potentially not inconsiderable) costs of production and hosting of the files, it's now possible to make true independent television. Theoretically, it's also possible to sell ads in the video file itself; I don't believe that Apple has any restrictions on that sort of thing built into the iTunes podcast directory. The potential here is huge – I'm surprised no one has done it yet, and I'm thoroughly intrigued by the concept.

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