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THESIS: Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

So I'm chugging through the truly excellent book Writing for Animation, Comics and Games by the inimitable Christy Marx, which I'm expecting to serve as a cornerstone for a decent-sized chunk of my THESIS. I was a good ways into the "Writing for Games" chunk when I came across this passage, which made me literally laugh out loud because of how well it sums up the challenges inherent in being a writer for any media form, much less across multiple forms:

To be a good game-world creator, you should have at least some knowledge of a wide range of subjects – such as geography, sociology, politics, economic structures, mythology, personal combat, weaponry, war, military strategy and tactics, religions, foreign cultures, linguistics, physics, art, architecture, technology, weather, biology, plants and animals, trade systems, various professions and skills from primitive to technological, the development of civilization, government power structures, and all forms of human interaction. There's your reading assignment for the afternoon.

Amen, girl. Sing it to the choir.

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