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May old acquaintance be forgot, etc.

Well, that's just about it for 2006. It was a good year – a long year, a crazy year, in which I visited both China and Japan, presented at SIGGRAPH in Boston, published my first white paper, saw the Democrats retake the House and the Senate, welcomed Laura back to the U.S., and did a whole ton of other crazy stuff.

2007 looks like it'll be even better, God willing – barring any unforseen disasters, I should graduate from MIT with my MS (or SM, depending on who you ask) in Comparative Media Studies, land some kind of job, maybe move again, present at least one conference, turn 30, and see at least one of my oldest, best friends get married. Hopefully I'll publish some other work, present at another conference, and make some more cool stuff along the way.

2006, you were a beautiful year. Thanks for everything. 2007, welcome to the neighborhood.

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