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Closing tabs again.

Just some little bits and pieces from across the web this weekend....

Art & Design

  • I love their mission, but the art dork in me loves the hand-drawn telescope logo for 826 Seattle even more.

  • I want a t-shirt with the logo for BEASTS! splashed across the front. That thing's just bad-ass. More information on the BEASTS! book blog.


  • K.G. Schneider makes some interesting comments about Movable Type over at Free Range LIbrarian, in her post Movable Type: Declaring Victory and Moving On. I'm not yet to the breakup stage of my relationship with Movable Type, but I may implement some of the things she's tried Media Manager sounds awesome.

  • Also in the make-my-blog-better category: Smashing Magazine has an intriguing post up called Web 2.0: Buzz-Monitoring and Tracking. Useful stuff.



Mobile Media


  • Courtesy of Warren Ellis: Electric Gypsyland. Technobalkangypsytunes. Sweet. Check out the track "Homecoming" on the album's MySpace page.

  • Laura and I caught part of the James Taylor tribute special on PBS last week, and I was amazed by the size of Sting's lute. (Wow, that sounded dirty.)



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