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Last night I posted something extremely snarky, a rant sparked from frustration. I've since yanked it down. Bits and pieces will probably resurface here and there, but long story short, I'm feeling sort of beaten down by the naysayers lately. People lack vision – there's nothing new there, of course, but I'm longing for a group of friends with whom I can dream up new opportunities and then start working on implementing them, instead of having people constantly saying No, no, no.

There's some kind of conceptual contraction going on in the world right now on some of these fronts, and I'm getting tired of it. We should be driven by a sense of opportunity and experimentation, not fear and greed, but that sentiment is all too often greeted by "Yes, but that's the way it is" – a response which is, itself, fueled by fear and greed.

Sorry. Feeling fed up with the haters today.

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