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Light and sound.

Tonight CMS is holding a special Colloquium roundtable on New Media and Art, which features Lauren Cornell from I'm looking forward to this; Rhizome has been one of those sites that flits across my radar every couple of months, in part because of stories like this:

The work is based on a simple concept: playing voice recordings through high power audio amplifiers and feeding them through large 1000 watt light bulbs. The tungsten and glass materials of the bulbs act as rich but band-limited filters, resulting sometimes in understandable whispers, other times purely synthetic tones, creating flowing and ebbing waves of light and sound.

More information on the piece can be found at, although it's in French. This is one of those pieces that pushes my "yep, that's art" button – it's evocative, moody and beautiful regardless of the technology used or the message it's directly attempting to convey.

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