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A new working title?


It's not as catchy as Wolfmother, but it strikes me as an excellent title for a fun pulp paperback kind of book, which, you know, wouldn't be a bad thing at all. Games, books, films, all these media types need a good dose of fun, and I think working under a title like Children of Winter, Children of Wolves could be liberating.

What do you think? If you saw a book with this title in Borders, would you pick it up?


yes... I would def. pick it up... but I'd be damn glad to see you in borders!

It reads sort of like "Winter Wolves" in the design and I'm not certain about the repetition of "Children of" but then repetition can be good. I kinda like the phrase "winter wolves" now so that's sticking with me.

I really like the full title, and would be intrigued enough to at least read the jacket and see what it's all about. It's very mysterious and catchy and fun.

But, like Erica, the first thing I saw when I looked at it was "Winter Wolves." But to me that's not very appealing -- it sounds either like a book about nature or else some sort of coming-of-age book. the title, but I'm not sold on the graphic layout of it. I think your childrens need to be bigger. Unless the interplay between the full title and "winter wolves" is what you're going for, of course.

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