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I support myself.

Today I'm supposed to give a presentation to introduce myself to the new first-year students in CMS. Since I've been so busy with other stuff, I totally haven't gotten around to making something new, so I've been wracking my brain about how to repurpose something old in a creative way. You know, show off something I've done that the new guys will appreciate that the old guard might not have seen yet. Then I remembered something that I've been including in most of my recent bios.

I'm on the iTunes Store.

The story is one that I told at Fray Cafe Three, at SXSW a couple of years ago. Listening to it again is really kind of fun – I can hear touches of Henry Rollins, touches of Eddie from Ohio, and maybe a couple touches of Denis Leary. (I wear my influences on my sleeve.) And you know what, for $.99 and the time it takes to download the file, my problem is solved – and I think Derek just got a nickel. Good news all around. I hope the other guys like it.

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