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Here we go again.

Huh. 3:30 AM in the new studio looks a lot like 3:30 AM in the old studio. This is ridiculous – the school year hasn't even started yet and I'm already up until the crack of dawn when I need to be on campus at 9AM the next day. Blech. The trouble is that I'll stay up until I certain point and then either totally collapse or get crazy productive around 2AM. Tonight was a crazy productive night, driven by my desire to get the studio as finished as possible before the school year officially starts. That's why I was still hauling trash out to the curb, unpacking boxes, filing stuff away, and otherwise straightening up until the wee small hours of the morning.

The studio is looking sharp, but I'm a little bummed about how much is left undone – and I still can't find the power cable to my G5, which has me a little weirded out. I remember unplugging it from the back of the machine, and I remember it being among the piles of cables on the floor of the old studio, but somewhere between there and here it decided to take a walk. Ugh. Still, all things considered there's been a crazy amount of progress made in the last few days.

Registration Day is tomorrow – excuse me, today – and the orientation for our research group is all too bright and early in the morning. Lock and load and rock and roll, here we go again and all of that. Wish me luck!

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