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Great Caesar's ghost, I made Grand Text Auto!

I'm sitting here in the studio enjoying a self-congratulatory bottle of Sam Adams' Oktoberfest. Why, you ask? I don't often Technorati myself, but I did so this morning and discovered that I snagged a mention in Nick Montfort and Noah Wardruip-Fruin's Grand Text Auto, which is a kickass "group blog about machine narrative, games, poetry, and art". If the name Nick Montfort sounds familiar, it's because he's the guy who wrote Twisty Little Passages and, also with Noah Wardruip-Fruin, The New Media Reader. Where do I enter into this? This summer I gave a presentation on transmedia storytelling at the 2006 ACM SIGGRAPH games sub-festival, Sandbox. Jeffrey Howard was one of the presenters (and thus, one of the attendees) and he submitted the following post to GTA: "How ACM Sandbox Shaped Up". In it he calls me his "favorite panelist". Holy cats.

The only thing more outright astonishing than being asked to present at a conference is finding out someone in the audience genuinely enjoyed what you had to say. Wow!

Heh. You'll have to excuse the string of exclamatory post titles – it's been a pretty darn good couple of weeks. :-)

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