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At least that's what *I* came to MIT for.

"I find that MIT students are a bit too smart. In my courses I try to make them 'dumber' in a sense." – John Maeda


Code is hard. There's a sweet, sad geek in my head that wants to get the joke, but no can do. Please to explain?

Oops. I don't know how it happened, but the HTML sneezed in this post. I've fixed it so it should be easier to read.

Maeda's been all about simplicty lately, so what he's getting at is that MIT students often overthink a problem. It's true -- I've been discovering this recently in my world design class. When we were assigned to come up with a hero and a villain, and then asked to 'elevator pitch' them, I failed miserably because my scenario was too complicated. I blame Kenyon. :)

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