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Florida Styx.

To all friends and strangers in the Chicago area between now and August 20 – go see Florida Styx, the new play by Caitlin Montanye Parrish being presented by Hypatia Theatre Company. It's the third play in a loosely-affiliated trilogy (meaning the three plays only really share geography, thematic content, certain semblances of structure and, well, a playwright), and like its predecessors, is sharply written and stylish as hell. In a way, it's sort of like a Gen-X/Y Southern female twist on Gabriel Garcia Marquez, served straight up with a shot of Southern Comfort. Sort of. The prose crackles, the visuals are striking (and sometimes mildly shocking) and it leaves its audience slightly disturbed but feeling like they've seen something noteworthy. (I refrain from saying "something special" because of the Dana Carvey-esque overtones of that phrase, but at the same time, it definitely is something special.)

I'm biased, of course – Caitlin is a friend and a member of my tribe – but even if I didn't know the playwright, I would have still walked away from that play thinking, Daaaaaaamn. So, yes. Go. Hie thee to the PROP THTR in Chicago. Now.


Thanks, Dude! I'm putting a link to this on the Hypatia website.

Really. That's lovely. Thanks.

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