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Yes, I'm a dork.

I am well aware that this makes me an uber-dork, but sometimes something comes along that makes my 14-year-old self rise up and go "COOL!" The new Indiana Jones Dark Brown Baseball Hat with Brass Logo Patch over at the LucasFilm shop is one of those things.

Indy Cap

Hey, I said I was a dork.

Update: And, okay, well, yes. The Boba Fett animated maquette is pretty badass too:

Fett Maquette

I'm not sure which one of these is cooler, the Fett maquette or the Hellboy animated maquette I mentioned back in April. I am, however, suddenly struck by the intense desire to see what an anime-style Sandman maquette would look like. Yowza.


boba fett is WAY cooler than hellboy. and yes, you're a dork for liking that hat. :D

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