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NYT on digital publishing.

Interesting piece in today's New York Times (free subscription required, yadda yadda yadda): Digital Publishing Is Scrambling the Industry's Rules. Nothing too terribly astonishing here, except for perhaps the exclusion of the otherwise ubiquitous Cory Doctorow – but there are some funny bits:

Mr. Chandra, a former computer programmer who already reads e-books downloaded to his pocket personal computer, said he saw no point in resisting technology. "I think circling the wagons and defending the fortress metaphors are a little misplaced," he said. "The barbarians at the gate are usually willing to negotiate a little, and the guys in the fort usually end up yelling that 'we are the only good things in the world and you guys don't understand it,' at which point the barbarians shrug, knock down your walls with their amazingly powerful weapons, and put a parking lot over your sacred grounds. "If they are in a really good mood," he added, "they put up a pyramid of skulls."

I have well passed the stage in my academic career (in which I am inexplicably scoring better grades at MIT than Kenyon) where I read something like this and instantly think, White Paperrrr...

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