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A good project for yet another rainy day.

Since it's raining – again – here in Boston, I've elected to stay in this morning/afternoon and continue to hammer on the TOTQ integration here at This morning I imported all my old entries from Inkblots, cleaned up the comments (removing something like 7000+ spam comments and putting some new antispam measures into effect) and tweaked the individual archives a little. Cool new feature: if you're in an individual archive entry (click the 'permalink' text below to get to the individual archive entry for this post), hold down control and hit A or D. Boom! Instant forward-and-backness. Accesskey tip courtesy of Rstevens at Diesel Sweeties.

Let's see, what else? I've also updated my Technorati Profile, so as to move some of these blog claims around. I'll probably do some more work with this as the new Movable Type 3.3 beta continues to evolve; I've whacked TrackBacks (which didn't seem to be offering me much more than 7000+ spam links) and am now looking for better ways to engage in conversations.

The hammering continues.

Update: I've also just routed my RSS feed through Feedburner. Please point your RSS readers here: Thanks!

Update 2: The Revenge: Visitors that came poking around late on Saturday night/Sunday morning may have noticed that I'm now one good step closer to having scheduled posts and podcasts up and running, thanks to some quality time learning how pico and cron jobs work. Thanks to my old brother Nick for the technical support!

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