Geoffrey Long
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30:20 Dave

The glasses he wore were purely cosmetic,
he wore them to appear smarter,
bookish, even, although he hated to read.
He wore them every day, every place he went,
he internalized his look as a nerdy man,
he would blink and squint in airport lines
although his eyes were perfectly fine.
In time he managed to attract a bookish girl,
he bluffed his way through chitchat
to woo and seduce and win her,
and he brought her back to his place
he managed to convince her that his library
was still at his parents' place in Wisconsin.
He took her to bed, kissed her and caressed her,
but the jig was up when the alarm rang in the morning
and he reached for his glasses and got hers –
and found, to his horror,
that he could see perfectly fine.

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