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See, this – this right here – this is the kind of stuff that drives me insane.

Last weekend I did all my school reading first, and didn't get to almost any of the big projects currently hanging over my head. This weekend I decided to reverse the process, spending all my time instead on the big projects and playing catch-as-catch-can with my reading. The only real break I took was to watch the Oscars with a bunch of my classmates and that was great fun – I love Jon Stewart and George Clooney – but after this huge marathon there's still nothing finished, and nary a lick of reading done to boot. I've made a cubic ton of progress, but nothing that I can wave around and say, "Look! It's done!" Argh. As a result I am now more than a little stressed out.

Luckily, one small thing that I did accomplish this weekend was finalizing my travel plans for SXSW next week. Woo-hoo! Texas, baby, here I come! And this is a break that doesn't come a moment too soon.

Right. Back to work. For a short week, this is going to be a looooooong week.

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