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Reading days.

Like Alec, today was a massive reading day for me. When I woke up today, I pledged to work on my many various web design projects (I swear, I think I have eight right now that are all snapping at my heels for attention, down you little buggers, down, dammit) but then decided that it would be more responsible of me if I did my homework first.


'Homework' in high school and even college was one thing. 'Homework' in grad school at MIT is a beast of a different color. So far this weekend I've read finished:

  • The Wizard of Oz
  • 125 pages of Chris Crawford on Game Design
  • Tom Wolfe, "These Radical Chic Evenings" (18 pages)
  • Hunter S. Thompson, "Fear and Loathing at the Superbowl" (32 pages)
  • James Gee, "Cultural Models: Do You Want to be the Blue Sonic or the Dark Sonic?" (28 pages)
  • David Buckingham, "Will Media Education Ever Escape the Effects Debate?" (5 pages)
  • Ian Shahanan, "Bow, Nigger" (8 pages)
  • 72 pages of Bob Bates, "Game Design"
  • Ellen Kushner, Thomas the Rhymer (258 pages; excellent book)
  • Renee Hobbs, "The Seven Great Debates in Media Literacy" (5 pages)
  • online COUHES training

Still to go:

  • Bill Cope, "A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies" (30 pages)
  • A video game proposal
  • A work of interactive fiction

...And also on the docket...

  • website for CMS
  • finish up a website for C3
  • website for the MIT literature department
  • edits for online otolaryngology encyclopedia in DC
  • edits for a healthcare practice in Boston
  • website for another healthcare practice in Philadelphia
  • website for a venture capital fund in DC
  • website for Ken
  • miscellaneous consulting-related overhead stuff
  • TA stuff for Henry
  • taxes

Insert quote from Wash here: "Oh God, oh God, we're all gonna die." Jesus. Help.

Update. I'm updating this page as the weekend goes on and I manage to knock things off the list. If nothing else, this entry should stand the test of time as a testament to my being anything but lazy!

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