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Sorry I've been so cranky on this blog lately. Life is still (for the most part) excellent – I'm teaching a class on Gaiman tomorrow, how bad can life be? – it's just that I've been dealing with a lot of crap lately that makes me feel like I'm spinning my wheels instead of getting any traction. I want to be learning ways to tell stories, and I want to be actually making more entertainment projects, but instead I'm doing websites and white paper designs and whatnot because they're what I can do – but they're eating up all my damn time. It just has me nervous and anxious and frustrated, that's all. Add onto that the near-total obliviousness of the people asking me to do these projects to their impact on my actual schoolwork and it boggles the mind. This weekend I'm going to pull up a little bit and rework some plans, I think...

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