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Yes, it's true. The spring makeover has begun – I have shed my winter coat and chopped off my hair. Which was really dumb, seeing as how Boston just decided "Oh, yeah, it's Winter!" and dropped something like 30 degrees in 48 hours. Arg. Maybe I'll keep the beard until I see some daffodils.

In other news, I have decided to co-captain a team in the Get Fit @ MIT program. My co-captain is Dan Roy, and our other team members are Ivan Askwith, Sam Ford and Dan's friend Greg Little. I have yet to meet Greg, but aside from Dan we make up the Chubby White Guys' union in CMS. On Sunday night Ivan, Dan and I met up with our friend Alec on the b-ball courts at the Z Center, where Dan properly taught the rest of us the true meaning of schooled. That was mortifying. My goal? To shape up in time for March, which is apparently going to be a month of much, much traveling...


I love the new haircut!! You look hot, baby!! ;)

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