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It's iLife, it's now or never...

Oh, yeah. Big ups to anyone in the audience who got the John Cougar Mellencamp Bon Jovi (thanks Dave) reference in the title of this post without snickering.

I just brought home a shiny new copy of iLife '06, and it's pretty bloody impressive. Seitzinger, you listening? You need this. The improvements made to iPhoto alone are worth the price of admission, and I haven't even started to futz with things like Photocasting and the new Podcast functions in GarageBand. I fired up iWeb once and am sort of staring at it, wondering how exactly they do some of the niftier functions in there – I'm sure it'll be patently obvious as soon as I crack open the code, but it's pretty impressive nevertheless.

The only thing I've discovered that I'm not so crazy about: it seems the new iPhoto breaks Flickr Export into a million little tiny pieces. I'm anxious to see if they fix that, given their own new insidious plans for "Photocasting", but we'll see. Still, very cool new version.


Yes, I'm listening. I'll look into the new iPhoto this weekend if I can find the time (and cash).

Oh, and I think you meant Bon Jovi, not Mr. Mellencamp.

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