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December 6, 1977 was the first recorded appearance of yours truly (as well as one of my best friends, Aaron Downs, but that's another story). Today I turn 28. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

See, for some reason 27 was going to be the magic year. Somehow I thought that 27 was going to be the ear that I got everything together, that it was going to be pivotal and, to a lesser extent, if I couldn't get it together by 28 it was never going to happen. Another of my best friends, Talon Beeson, gives me copious amounts of crap for thinking so much about these numbers (since that's all they are, really – numbers) but it's the way my brain works. While 27 I didn't lose thirty pounds, I didn't get my first book published, and I didn't take over the world. What I did do, which I wasn't expecting to do, was get into MIT – and suddenly all the rules changed. Now I've got all kinds of crazy opportunities opening up, and I think some of these other things might happen after all, but there's this old Moxy Fruvous song that keeps going through my head:

(Jian) Soon I'll be 30, I don't want to be 30 I've got some big plans, goodwill has some big hands With each new computer screen, the world tells me I'm more green Buy a new Game Boy!

For the fun and the fashion...Just for the passion

Back in his day job this afternoon
Unlikely he'll move down to Cuba soon

Reluctant to find he's stuck in the 90's again
Reluctant to find he's stuck in the 90's again

(everyone but Jian)
White lies, rich guys, hoarding a big prize

Reluctant to find he's stuck in the 90's again
We've got work to do

Reluctant to find he's stuck in the 90's again

That pretty much sums it up right there – and given the fact that I just bought a Game Boy DS last month, it totally proves that the more things change...

Don't get me wrong. I'm having an amazing time at MIT and if I can survive the end of the semester things should get easier – several profs have referred to this first semester as alternatively "the adjustment period" and "the winnowing", which is just about right.

Note to anyone else entering MIT under similar circumstances: do not, for any reason, try to keep up a freelance consulting business. It will Kick Your Ass. Take out more loans if you have to, but you're only in school for a couple of years and you'll do much better in both the short term and the long term if you're not trying to juggle client demands and coursework. I've pretty much decided that I'm going to wrap up the last of my freelance projects over Christmas break and then shutter the consulting part of Dreamsbay until I get out of here (barring one or two occasional gigs if the price and timing are both right). There are just too many opportunities I'm missing (as well as too much sleep) by doing too much.

Triage. It's all about triage.

See, even my thinking is becoming more and more adult. Gah. I need to go buy some toys or something.

And damn, do I miss Fruvous.


Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a rocking good natal day... and good luck finishing up the semester!

Happy Birthday, Geoff! Feel great about being 28, it only happens once.

Sorry I caught up with your blog late---happy belated birthday, friend! I hope it was a great one.

Actually, thinking back to 27, I felt similarly. I had moved overseas, hadn't taken over the world, and was just starting the consulting thing.

A few years later, I'm not so sure the loans were a good idea.


Once. Once *I* was the King of Spain...

I am sorely tempted by the Nintendo DS myself. Haha.

How did we get here? Seriously, WTF?

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