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Time intensive = awesome, even when wrong.

It always amazes me just how long it takes to do something right. Last night I worked almost nonstop from 5:30PM until 3:30 AM on a project for my Workshop class today, didn't even come close to where I wanted to be, and then realized that I totally botched one of the basic parts. That's what I'm here for, to learn – but jeez. I spent all that time on it, and it still wasn't right. But it was far from a total loss, because the learning – oh, the learning!

What did I learn last night? First, that it's extremely difficult to maintain a constant perspective when freehand drawing in ink across three sheets of paper. Like, almost impossible. Tape the three sheets together (tape on the back, of course), then use a ruler to measure off the planes on each sheet so that what's straight-on in the left sheet doesn't become top-down by the right one. When the image below is reduced, the perspective gets really drunken on the right side. When I was drawing it one sheet at a time on my clipboard this wasn't apparent at all. D'OH. Hence the need for rulers. Second, don't try to draw at 2:30 AM unless you've had a good night's sleep beforehand, or have a great ruler. And third, it is entirely possible and wholly awesome to use photo texturing in Photoshop to create truly amazing effects. The piece below (click on it for a huge 350K version) took way too long, but the techniques learned were totally worth it.

Time Out Cafe

Hey babe! Good picture. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was Seattles. Was it supposed to look that way or did it just happen to turn out that way? hmmm...I like it regardless.

No, it's definitely supposed to be Seattle's. Seattle's was the coffeeshop I had in mind when I first wrote NeverJack way back around 1994, and both the Time Out Cafe and Jack Walker himself reappear in Bones of the Angel. This makes life easier for several reasons: first and foremost, if we ever get the resources together to make the film version, I already have the set picked out. Most of the other reasons involve me being able to spend copious amounts of time there and write it off as 'research' or 'location scouting'. :)

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