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Live from Mansfield, Pennsylvania.

Right now I'm in a Comfort Inn in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, high up in the mountains and about halfway home. I find it hysterical that it takes less time to fly from Japan to the states than it does to drive from Boston to Wooster. Jeez!

But, yes. I could have soldiered on a ways further, but I didn't get much sleep last night as I was making Christmas cards (send me your addresses, people!) and I was still burning off the end-of-semester adrenaline. Now, though, I'm seriously crashing... Still trying to knock one last project off the list before passing out, so I can ride back to the old home country tomorrow in relative relaxation.

The last uberproject was an annotated bibliography for my thesis, so I now have a long, long list of things to read – but the beauty of it is that they're almost all things I want to read. Who would've guessed that I would so totally geek out on media economics?

Anywho. I can feel my eyelids growing heavy, and I've already turned out all the lights in the room except for my laptop and the myriad of little lights from my various charging electronics (iPod, phone, Canon Digital Rebel) that I plan to use on the rest of the way home tomorrow. I love road trips, and I actually love staying in hotels, and I love love love driving through the mountains. Tomorrow is going to be amazing – and Nick and Laura (and maybe Andy) are already in Wooster! Yay, homecomings! (And a big fat boo to Jess and Talon, who no longer have reasons to return to the old homestead. I miss you guys!)

I'll try and post some photos from tomorrow morning's trek to Flickr sometime in the next couple of days. Onward and upward!


Great Holiday cards this year, Geoff! I was so happy to get mine when I got home. Merry Christmas to all in Wooster. Talk to you soon.

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