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When even your errands take entire days...

My word. I just spent Veteran's Day frantically catching up on as many errands as possible, trying to clear off my desk before settling down to the real projects at hand this weekend: the rapidly-accumulating Major Project List. The first killer up on deck is the 10-page paper that's due on Monday. Not a big deal, but enough of one to make me want to focus and give it a good go – hence the desire to clean off the desk before getting started. I thought it would take the morning. It took all bloody day, and I'm still not 100% finished. Ugh. This just goes to show how much crap piles up while you're busy keeping all the other plates spinning in the air. Brother. To all my friends in grad school – Talon, Aaron, Mark & Erin, Emily, Laura, all y'all... Daaaamn.

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