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Torque 2D does nothing to promote its sale.

So I'm working on a project for class this week, and I'm trying to decide between Power Game Factory and Torque 2D. PGF is cheaper ($44 vs $100) and is more Mac-friendly (heck, it's Mac only), but Torque is more widely respected and allows cross-platform development. I expect I'm going to wind up buying PGF not only because it'll probably be a heck of a lot faster (which is awesome, since it's due fairly quickly) but because Torque's onliine documentation of Torque 2D suuuuucks. PGF lets you download a demo that's fully functional, but my poking around on the Torque site has only turned up a demo of the games you make with it (which kind of suck). C'mon, people. I know it's only an "early adopter" release, but what gives?

Luckily, I have a friend in the program who is into Torque, so maybe I'll build this version in PGF and then reuse the art and other stuff in compiling a Torque version further down the road.

Going home for Thanksgiving was awesome, and reminded me exactly why I'm doing what I'm doing. I miss Ohio, I miss my friends and my family. and dear sweet Jesus do I miss the country. Cities suck! It's renewed my motivation to excel here at MIT, so I can make the connections and gain the experience I need to start up my own studio in the woods and work with my friends from all over the world via the Web. Eyes on the prize, my friends. Eyes on the prize.


I so hear ya. I feel like there's just more oxygen in Ohio- I just find it easier to breathe when I'm there.

Wanna work together professionally when we both get out of school? How about interactive movies online, like a choose-your-own-adventure book? Production quality wouldn't have to be terribly high for that- I can buy a $3000 camera and misc. accessories, and we'll con, er, recruit the local community college theatre majors to act in them.

I'm thinking "Return of the Cave Men from Outer Space". Or maybe "Monkey vs. Robot: the live action movie!"

C'mon, it'll be fun... :D

You're on my recruit list for my studio. :D Right now the plan is to build something while I'm here at school, learn like crazy from that experience and sell it for enough money to make a down payment on my house and barn studio.

Bang bang hammer hammer, as always...

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