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Tip of the Quill: Archives launches the O.C. Store.

I just posted the following weblog entry over on the MIT Creative Industries blog, but I thought it was compelling enough to repost here.

Interesting -- has launched their "Necessary Objects for The O.C." store.

It's a clever move, especially if Amazon places pop-up ads into the corner of the screen during each episode saying things like "Like her halter vest? Buy it now for $38.00 on Amazon's O.C. Store!" And, of course, featured a big graphic link to the O.C. store located on their homepage while the show was being aired, with the object in question featured on the O.C. Store's homepage. This would have to be repeated as necessary for the different time zones, but it's an interesting concept – and what happens when Amazon gets enough shows buying into this tactic that they need the Smallville store, the Sopranos store, the House store and so on? How much you want to bet they snatched up the nanosecond it hit the auction block...?

From their website:

Available exclusively in's Apparel & Accessories Store, Necessary Objects for The O.C. is the first branded women's fashion collection for The O.C. The 12-piece collection was designed by Necessary Objects' Ady Gluck-Frankel, in collaboration with the wardrobe supervisor from The O.C., and captures the young, contemporary boho-chic style that is synonymous with the The O.C.

Whether you're a die-hard fan of Warner Brothers' popular television drama The O.C., or you just love the trendsetting styles sported by the actors, you'll love The O.C. Collection from Necessary Objects at From borrowed menswear looks to fabulous beach-boho styles, you'll find inspired designs by Necessary Objects for The O.C. at Set in ritzy Orange County, California, The O.C. is a smart and edgy youth-oriented drama, as popular for its chic fashion sensibility as it is for its sizzling plot lines.

An interesting question: what shows do you watch for fashion tips?

Another interesting question. So far, the O.C. store is only for women. What shows should guys in the 18-36 age group watch for fashion tips? And how long until this business model spawns a fashion show like Esquire TV or GQ TV on Spike?

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